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Heal Yourself rather than See a Doctor

For only $47/mo, you'll stay away from obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, asthma, and even cancer resulting in living healthier and happier


  • The first revolutionary and priceless book to present the treatment of modern fatal chronic diseases from a totally fresh perspective. Its prevention and treatment proposal is very avant-garde.
  • For many modern diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, apnea syndrome, etc., this book provides proven effective treatment methods through real case practice and verification.
  • Medical theory is extremely complex, clinical diagnosis and treatment are even more profound. This book simplifies and makes complex medical knowledge interesting with lots of amazing vivid graphics, and presents medical and health knowledge to ordinary people in easy-to-understand language.
  • This book has a unique approach and analyzes medical health forward-looking from the perspective of the public. It gives people a refreshing and enlightening feeling, and will definitely benefit readers for a lifetime!


  • Module 1 Take Control of Your Health instead of Resigning to Fate
  • Module 2 The Four Great Pillars of Health
  • Module 3 Another Angle to Judge Sub-health
  • Module 4 Health is Maintained by Yourself rather than Doctor
  • Module 5 We are Made from Cells
  • Module 6 Extremely Underestimated & Super Powerful Self-healing Ability of Human Body
  • Module 7 What? We are also Made from Nutrients?
  • Module 8 Life Elements that are Ignored
  • Module 9 How Significant are Organs of Life?
  • Module 10 Why are Hospitals Helpless against Chronic Diseases?
  • Module 11 Take Medicine as Little as Possible
  • Module 12 Difference Among Western Drugs, TCM and Nutrients
  • Module 13 An Important Health Rule
  • Module 14 We Must Learn to Eat with Our Brains, NOT Our Mouths
  • Module 15 Source and Classification of Etiology
  • Module 16 Chronic Illnesses Originate from Junk Food and Bad Eating Habits
  • Module 17 Liver --- the General Manager of Health
  • Module 18 The Root Cause of Obesity & Lose Weight Scientifically
  • Module 19 The Root Cause of Hypertension and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 20 The Root Cause of High Cholesterol and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 21 The Root Cause of Hyperlipidemia and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 22 The Root Cause of Cholecystitis & Gallstones and Prevention
  • Module 23 The Root Cause of Pancreatitis and Prevention
  • Module 24 The Root Cause of Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease) and Treatment
  • Module 25 The Root Cause of Stroke (Cerebrovascular Disease) and Treatment
  • Module 26 The Root Cause of Diabetes and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 27 The Cause and Prevention of Cancer
  • Module 28 The Root Cause of Snoring (Sleep Apnea) and Treatment
  • Module 29 The Root Cause of Insomnia (Sleep Disorder) and Treatment
  • Module 30 The Cause of Gout and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 31 The Root Cause of Hyperosteogeny & Osteoporosis and Treatment
  • Module 32 The Root Causes of Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis & Skin Allergies and Treatment
  • Module 33 The Root Cause of Alzheimer's Disease and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 34 The Root Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Corresponding Treatment
  • Module 35 How to Cure Chronic Gastritis and Early Stage of Gastric Ulcer?
  • Module 36 How to Cure Chronic Nephritis and Chronic Kidney Syndrome?
  • Module 37 How to Cure Constipation?
  • Module 38 How to Cure Menopausal Syndrome?
  • Module 39 Why are Your Kids Picky about Food and Anorexia
  • Module 40 Keep Calm When Your Kids Get a Fever
  • Module 41 The Naming of Some Diseases in the Hospital Misleads Many People
  • Module 42 Misconceptions about the Treatment of Modern Chronic Diseases in Hospitals
  • Module 43 The Secret Formula of Health

Hopeless to Hopeful

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